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    Do you want to know what the future has in store for you?

    Have a personal psychic reading filled with the predictions you need to make your future work for YOU!


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Don't sit around and wonder... gain insight now!

Know what things to look forward to, concerns to manage, and risks to look out for.
This information is essential to your decision-making in areas of career, finances, love, health, family, business opportunities or anything important to you to make progress.

Our readings can help you understand what actions you need to take to make the future you want happen for you! Book your appointment today to know what tomorrow brings.

We offer a wide range of products and services at our shops.

Our available products include botanical goods, sacred articles, amulets, talismans, good luck charms, crystals, candles, oils Incense, potions, and more. We also offer custom potion brews and custom spell conjuring.

Psychics of Chicago also offer the following readings and services: psychic readings, palm readings, tarot card readings, energy readings, tea leaf readings, crystal ball readings, horoscope readings & astrology readings. Aura cleansing & photography, chakra balancing, dream interpretation, hand writing analysis, past life regression and more.

All readings are private and confidential. Psychic services are also available for parties and social gatherings. Languages Spoken*: English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and more. *Translator available upon scheduling an appointment. Call today for your free sample reading by phone!

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Understand your past, relate to your present, and know your future!

 With your own personal psychic advisor, you will be given advice and keen spiritual guidance on all matters of life such as: unhappiness, relationship troubles, love life failures, marital conflicts, financial setbacks, health issues, addiction and more.

Psychics of Chicago can remove all forms of bad luck, bad influence, curses, black magic, negativity, evil spirits, etc. With help from the Psychics of Chicago, you'll be able to gain insight into of life's most challenging problems, and be helped to overcome them.